Friday, December 22, 2006

Anastasia Getting Coal making lunch

My last great Visit with Cousin in following trips to Ukraine she lost her hearing. In 1999 when I first met her she was spry Milking Cow walking it to Pasture 3 times a day. She passed away summer 2006. She was set free of the her wore out body. It bothered me to see her struggle with simple chores but she was proud. She used bucket as cane.

It was not till later years in sunset of her life health declined she always had great spirit about her, she loved me & I loved very much. She passed away summer of 2006 from Asthma after being very ill for 6 months.

Last experience I had with Anastasia was an Old World Ukraine Village Funeral. Something that again changed me, it was a moving experience that I cant compare to the west at any level.

All I can say it gave me a feeling for great love of family, that cares for passed away loved one preparing body washing & dressing the loved one. Setting it on display in her Home. It was a sense of the order of things like what god intended. Not the cold business of death we have in west

Anastasia changed my life meeting her, she was first Relative from Ukraine I had contact with. Thru her I met rest of family. I now live in Bystiv leaving American consumer driven life behind for simpler quieter & happier life of Living in Old world Ukraine Village

Ukraine Mostiska

Mostiska, Is about 8 miles from Bystiv you can get morning Mashutka (Mini Bus Van) to Mistake from Bystiv if you can manage to squeeze on. I shop in this town for Groceries the chicken & Hamburger i have to go to LVIV. Cheese is cheaper in LVIV.If you cant find it here that means a trip to LVIV that is 6 hour Travel Day 2.5 hours by Train in Morning then another 2.5 at night + a 1 hour walk to village carrying what veering you bought.

I like the Village life best if I have to go to town prefer Mostiska over LVIV. If I cant find it in Mostiska then Plan a day trip to LVIV.

I see more Beautiful woman in Mostiska in 15 minutes then I see where I am from in Oregon in 3 months. Grant it there many more hot woman in LVIV too. Like the smllaer town & village girls

You can sit in park on summer day & watch pretty girls all day long. Of COurse yo are wating for afternoon Mashutak back to Village so there is time to kill

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ukraine Trip 1999 Kiev LVIV Bystiv 1 hr 30 min Disc 1

The Opening scene is in Svetlana home in Kiev, her mother is cooking. It first time in Ukraine Home I been in Ukraine for less than 2 hours. It all new & exciting begining of a grand Adventure. Culture shock. Loved it hated it loved it!!!

Ukraine First Trip 1999 Here it is my first Ukraine Old world Experience. It is a Journey of discovery. The story is one that change my life in so many ways. I own a home in Ukraine & now live there you cant get much bigger change then leaving your birth country to your ancestral home It all started off meeting Russian woman in Washington DC that was Traveling we hung out a few hours together. . That inspired me to place a Classified ad in 1998 in Russian & Ukraine papers thru service in Canada. In 2 weeks I started receiving Hundreds of letters form all over the former USSR. At this time INTL dating was not in Vogue. Thru the 250+ letters I received I found one girl that was translator in Kiev. We will call her Sveta #1. |(Not to be confused with Sveta #2 or Alla OR Olya.........that another story in itself) Inspired by our communication my Dad found an address given to him 20 years ago by relative in Canada. Since then this relative passed away many years ago. |It was to relatives in Village his father came from in 1900. So my Ukraine Girlfriend Sveta#1 in fall of 1998 did some research & got post code then sent a letter to the address not knowing if it would be answered . About 2 weeks later Sveta heard back from Anastasia she Translated & forward letter to me. Made plans in coming months to Visit Ukraine I flew into Kiev met Sveta then a week later headed to LVIV. Then took Electricka to Mostiska II station from there we hired a Taxi that came out form Mostiska. Without language skills and sufficient experience in Ukraine it seems almost unthinkable for foreigners to go traveling by themselves—something that would be perfectly normal across most of Europe. The Soviet infrastructure is just too baffling, the culture too unlike the West. Foreign tourists need some sort of buffer to have a good (and safe) experience in Ukraine. Unless you have Ukrainian friends who take you around everywhere, you will need tour leaders and organizers who speak your language and take care of your day-to-day needs. If you have Relatives form Ukraine or want to take a trip there let me know I can help you with arrangement

Ukraine Trip 1999 LVIV Odessa Yalta 1 hr 50 min Disc 2

The Footage is Raw unedited as it happens

My First Ukraine trip with Sveta#1 & Yes I had more then 1 Sveta over years that why there are numbered! We Travel from LVIV to Odessa to Simperopil to Yalta It Starts off with Train ride from Shegynin to LVIV. We Just left Mostiska II station after visiting my Relatives in Bystiv for first time. Just let it play will get to LVIV & show some life there Architecture then onto Odessa then Yalta a Boat Tour with Visit to 2 castles swallows nest then the Crimean Mountains a tram ride from the sea top of mountain Then a Ice cave used by ancient people to store meat for summer back to Kiev for Museum tour

Ukraine Life Natural Gas Install

Getting Natural Gas in Ukraine is a Project of epic proportions. The amount of Documents is insane It been 17 Months & still don't have it turned on. Gas just was turned on November 22 of 2005 that was 2 years in works to lay pipeline since village is so remote.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hana & Ivan Picking Cherries then Gardens

Digging Hole -20 Below Zero Bystiv Ukraine

Call me a tough boss but when there work to be done I don't care the conditions I have a schedule to keep. I Have my workers breaking the frozen ground for toilet holding tank & bath drywell. The ground is like digging solid rock for first couple feet. Even the fence post driver & steel bar can barely can penetrate. Yes those are my American Shovels I imported to Ukraine cost me $26.99 each touted the toughest shovel in world they worked great never broke handle. A Ukraine spade looks like a spade on card the shovels they have & break often & not to mention you have to fashion your own handle from stick. The dirt in Ukraine is very easy to dig when it is not frozen

Ukraine Rabbit Dinner

Fresh Rabbit Oh so Tasty!

It is Sunday November 6th 2005 , just bought a rabbit from my Cousin Roman. I arrived back in Ukraine November 2. Plan to have a party tonight with friends. Vassily stops by coming home from church to say hi. Told him I have a rabbit for tonight. He proceeds to slaughter the Rabbit in his church clothes, Turning the once living breathing creature into food. Before your eyes. Rabbits are so cute but also taste great BBQ. It is a very lean meat has a courser texture then chicken breast & similar taste. There is very lttle waste unlike chicken the bones are very small on Rabbit

The video concludes with drinking Vodka & feasting on the Rabbit.

My Ukraine Neighbor Hanna

A Visit with my Neighbor Hanna

My Ukraine Neighbor Ivan Making Lumber

In Ukraine they do not sell 2x4 or any other standard Dimensional lumber. You can buy misc boards of all sizes rough saw mill cut. Often you will get slab wood that is just a log sliced up that you will need to trim sides square. With no reference point this is time consuming I know from experience with chalk line & skill saw. Any tiem you need wood for Building it is a project finding it can spend days looking.

Christmas Day Ukraine Village Janaury 2005

Ukraine Train Ride from shegynin to LVIV March 2

A beautiful Spring Train ride from Shegynin to LVIV it is 85 KM & takes 2.5

Ukraine Craftsman

Monday, December 18, 2006

Ukraine Train RIde Kelminitsky to LVIV

A winter train ride the video starts on the way from Kelminitksy to LVIV it a grey winter day. about -8 outside. For the most part it is just outside LVIV I start filming. I have Traveled all over Ukraine on both Plane & Train.

In right condition with girlfriend trains are a pleasant way to go. 12-19 hours are most over night routes. The cars are sleeper but I buy out compartment for privacy. It is to small of room to be locked in with strangers. By right conditions I mean heated or not been in Below zero weather on trains with no heat or they had heaters so hot had to strip down yes in winter is Extreme either too little or too much heat it seems. I wont cover the short track segments that bump along with a ryhtym of there own. It not the mile high club but can say I had some memorable times on trian in Ukraine with girlfriends.

Chritsmas Singing Bystiv Ukraine

Filmed in Bystiv around Janury 7th 2004 Old Calender Ukraine Christmas. The Music true Ukrainian a whole group of relatives came to see Baba & who was vey ill with flu. It filmed under a 60 watt light bulb so video is dark but music sharp & clean a real treat.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Lviv Lvov Ukraine Downtown Winter 2005

 LVIV has become a Cosmopolitan European City you can buy most any consumer type goods there. I shop in LVIV when I need to it is 2.5 hours by train from shegynin or 85 KM. I like LVIV for shopping only &  High Speed Internet.  I shop METRO a German owned version of Costco / Sams Club that just opened recently. I buy Hamburger, Chicken & Cheese. You cant get ground beef in Mostiska or Chicken Cheese is expensive in Mostiska.  Other then that there nothing there for me. I prefer slow quiet village pace of life. 

With Groceries in Backpack it is another 2.5 hours evening train ride to Shegynin departing LVIV at 5:30 pm. Then  a 1 hour walk to my house in Bystiv with back pack loaded  of meat & cheese. So that is a 6 hour day of travel to run for Groceries.
Once you get settled into this pace of life it is easy at first is can be Culture shock

Ukraine Christmas Singing Complied mp3

Ukraine Christmas Bystiv Ukraine January 7th 2006

Ukraine - Bystiv Village Store & Bar

 Walking to Village Bar & Store on Sunday afternoon with my friends Mykolia & Vasily, it is a day for church in afternoon men enjoy companionship a walk to Village Store that sells Vodka & cold Draft Beer (Pivo). Hang out on a hot summer afternoon. Ukrainians drink for companionship. The view of store is interesting as well as store girl Marusa very cute & puts up with all the men. I am accepted by the Villagers not as an outsider. Perhaps since it is my Ancestral home Relatives still live there & Belozer (Bilozir) have been there for Centuries & a way I belong there.. I do own home in Bystiv too some of the friends I have worked for me on renovation. Overall people in Ukraine are friendly once you break the ice.

Ukraine Funeral Music 10 Day Wake mp3

Bystiv Ukraine Summer 2006

Ukraine Train Folk Songs mp3

My most memorable night Train ride from LVIV to Shegynin. It was -30 out these guys have great voices It's an old "UPA" song, from the underground ukrainian movement fighting for independence around 1930-1950. The words are very sad

Train Singing Folk Music Ukrainian Independence