Friday, December 22, 2006

Ukraine Mostiska

Mostiska, Is about 8 miles from Bystiv you can get morning Mashutka (Mini Bus Van) to Mistake from Bystiv if you can manage to squeeze on. I shop in this town for Groceries the chicken & Hamburger i have to go to LVIV. Cheese is cheaper in LVIV.If you cant find it here that means a trip to LVIV that is 6 hour Travel Day 2.5 hours by Train in Morning then another 2.5 at night + a 1 hour walk to village carrying what veering you bought.

I like the Village life best if I have to go to town prefer Mostiska over LVIV. If I cant find it in Mostiska then Plan a day trip to LVIV.

I see more Beautiful woman in Mostiska in 15 minutes then I see where I am from in Oregon in 3 months. Grant it there many more hot woman in LVIV too. Like the smllaer town & village girls

You can sit in park on summer day & watch pretty girls all day long. Of COurse yo are wating for afternoon Mashutak back to Village so there is time to kill

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