Saturday, December 16, 2006

Bystiv Ukraine Short Movie

Short Movie My first old world experience great music

Before & After Renovation - Ukraine Bystiv

This Old World Home

Ukraine Belozer Dacha Retreat

Renovation Complete


Thursday, December 14, 2006

My Kitchen Renovation in Ancient Village Home Bystiv Ukraine

Kitchen After

Kitchen During

Kitchen Before

You will see an Ancient Village Home taken from 18th century technology & comfort to 21st century comfort Belozer Dacha Retreat Located in Village of Bystiv (Ukraine) On Polish Border 650 KM West of Kyiv. New Bed & Breakfast Inn with all American Amenities. In a Historic Old world Setting. Hot & cold Running water Luxury Bath & Indoor Western Toilet comfortable suites Hydronic Radiant Heated floors. In Winter at –30 outside you will be stepping onto Bedroom & Bathroom Tile Floors that are warmed to a comfortable 82 Degrees you feel warmth & comfort from head to toe. Air Conditioning in Summer Months. A very comfortable climate controlled Environment

Ukraine Horse & Wagon / Bystiv Cemetary

Horse & Wagons are the Primary load haulers in Village of Bystiv. This site is more common then Cars.
The lead in photo a load of loose hay put on with pitch fork is another example of how work with horse & wagon they haul everything you can imagine. A normal site in Western Ukraine.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ukraine Trip 1999 Meeting Anastasia & Family in Bystiv Ukraine First Time

High Res. Version Ukraine First Trip 1999 Here it is my first Ukraine Old world Experience. It is a Journey of discovery. The story is one that change my life in so many ways. I own a home in Ukraine & now live there you cant get much bigger change then leaving your birth country to your ancestral home It all started off meeting Russian woman in Washington DC that was Traveling we hung out a few hours together. . That inspired me to place a Classified ad in 1998 in Russian & Ukraine papers thru service in Canada. In 2 weeks I started receiving Hundreds of letters form all over the former USSR. At this time INTL dating was not in Vogue. Thru the 250+ letters I received I found one girl that was translator in Kiev. We will call her Sveta #1. |(Not to be confused with Sveta #2 or Alla OR Olya.........that another story in itself) Inspired by our communication my Dad found an address given to him 20 years ago by relative in Canada. Since then this relative passed away many years ago. |It was to relatives in Village his father came from in 1900. So my Ukraine Girlfriend Sveta#1 in fall of 1998 did some research & got post code then sent a letter to the address not knowing if it would be answered . About 2 weeks later Sveta heard back from Anastasia she Translated & forward letter to me. Made plans in coming months to Visit Ukraine I flew into Kiev met Sveta then a week later headed to LVIV. Then took Electricka to Mostiska II station from there we hired a Taxi that came out form Mostiska. Without language skills and sufficient experience in Ukraine it seems almost unthinkable for foreigners to go traveling by themselves?something that would be perfectly normal across most of Europe. The Soviet infrastructure is just too baffling, the culture too unlike the West. Foreign tourists need some sort of buffer to have a good (and safe) experience in Ukraine. Unless you have Ukrainian friends who take you around everywhere, you will need tour leaders and organizers who speak your language and take care of your day-to-day needs. If you have Relatives form Ukraine or want to take a trip there let me know I can help you with arrangement

Ukraine Turkey Slaughter Summer 2005

The Turkey I picked out alive for a celebration I just paid off house in Bystiv & received documents on this day.

I have many Ukraine friends that love to Kill Animals for Parties & Butcher  them. 

 For all you PETA Members & Animal Right groups. I agree Animals have rights too.

 The right to be Eaten by the top predator on food chain Man

The Right to be  BBQ Roasted or Grilled

Chicken are more common in Village then Turkeys.

 Turkeys require allot food compared to chickens that for most scratch a living out of ground with some feed. They also produce allot of droppings. Somewhat undesirable.

Ukraine Eating Turkey Summer 2005

We consume the Turkey with no guilt my Cousins (right to left) Natalya#1 Natalaya#2 & Bogdonna & I. One thing I like about Ukraine is people have time to get together in USA no one has time they are always chasing $ not living life. In the years I been going to Ukraine I spent more time with Cousins there then I had with all my American ones combined in my life time.
Ukraine is Communal society unlike USA that Indisvualitic. It easy to get together for meals & friends just stop by for visit. In USA make appointment a week in advance for Coffee 
3 Hours ago it was gobbling living breathing creature now it is food the cycle of life complete. Ukraine Turkey is nothing like what we have here in USA the Tom Turkey was 6 months old.
It was raised Organically. It more of wild turkey no genetic engineering here. It seemed greasier then American Turkey. Also had allayer of fat that would not melt with cooking the fat was a tan color after cooking rubber texture but tasted just like Turkey Meat.
The breast is not broad like American Turkey a Razor Breast. The last one I cooked did it butterflyed that works best. Cooking it whole it wont sit in pan on breast. it lays over to either  side. It best to slow cook  these are naturally grown range turkeys they are tough if you cook them fast since they lead an athletic life running free. 

Ukraine Train trip to LVIV summer 2005

The ride is on Electika that the short run  day trains are called in Ukraine. The trip starts in Shegynin just 3 KM south of Bystiv then proceeds on to LVIV with summer scenery of Ukraine. This is ride I  have taken often in winter or summer. The acutla trip takes 2.5 hours the clip is just a portion of the trip

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bystiv Ukraine Starting Russian Truck at -25

Mykolia uses Soviet Era Blow Torch on Trucks Oil Pan & LNG gas Vaporizer.  The Truck  is a conversion to run Natural Gas very Common In Ukraine & Russia. First time I see this I jump back with Awe & Fear. It is a 3-4 Hour ordeal to start truck the Hot water is poured into Engine  then Ending is hand crank with much effort once the oil has been heated in Oil pan with Blow Torch for Several Minutes. The hot water warms the block Antifreeze forget it they use water & drain after every . The above step is repeated 4 times then you are ready to try to start engine. You have some one on hand crank while you try the start eventually the starter will turn faster then you can hand crank then engine will be ready to start. Upon getting truck started all is good I think then after driving 50' the front tires blows out splitting in cold there was plenty of tread it was just so cold. The next project is a tire change that takes another Hour to find one then the process of hot water is repeated again but more quickly. The truck starts we are off in a winter wonderland on snow covered roads to Mostiska where I purchase 4 concrete rings that are used for wells casing. I will adapt & seal bottom for holding tank for flushing toilet in future. Then the Frozen road & drive back towards Bystiv