Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bystiv Ukraine Starting Russian Truck at -25

Mykolia uses Soviet Era Blow Torch on Trucks Oil Pan & LNG gas Vaporizer.  The Truck  is a conversion to run Natural Gas very Common In Ukraine & Russia. First time I see this I jump back with Awe & Fear. It is a 3-4 Hour ordeal to start truck the Hot water is poured into Engine  then Ending is hand crank with much effort once the oil has been heated in Oil pan with Blow Torch for Several Minutes. The hot water warms the block Antifreeze forget it they use water & drain after every . The above step is repeated 4 times then you are ready to try to start engine. You have some one on hand crank while you try the start eventually the starter will turn faster then you can hand crank then engine will be ready to start. Upon getting truck started all is good I think then after driving 50' the front tires blows out splitting in cold there was plenty of tread it was just so cold. The next project is a tire change that takes another Hour to find one then the process of hot water is repeated again but more quickly. The truck starts we are off in a winter wonderland on snow covered roads to Mostiska where I purchase 4 concrete rings that are used for wells casing. I will adapt & seal bottom for holding tank for flushing toilet in future. Then the Frozen road & drive back towards Bystiv 

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