Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ukraine Eating Turkey Summer 2005

We consume the Turkey with no guilt my Cousins (right to left) Natalya#1 Natalaya#2 & Bogdonna & I. One thing I like about Ukraine is people have time to get together in USA no one has time they are always chasing $ not living life. In the years I been going to Ukraine I spent more time with Cousins there then I had with all my American ones combined in my life time.
Ukraine is Communal society unlike USA that Indisvualitic. It easy to get together for meals & friends just stop by for visit. In USA make appointment a week in advance for Coffee 
3 Hours ago it was gobbling living breathing creature now it is food the cycle of life complete. Ukraine Turkey is nothing like what we have here in USA the Tom Turkey was 6 months old.
It was raised Organically. It more of wild turkey no genetic engineering here. It seemed greasier then American Turkey. Also had allayer of fat that would not melt with cooking the fat was a tan color after cooking rubber texture but tasted just like Turkey Meat.
The breast is not broad like American Turkey a Razor Breast. The last one I cooked did it butterflyed that works best. Cooking it whole it wont sit in pan on breast. it lays over to either  side. It best to slow cook  these are naturally grown range turkeys they are tough if you cook them fast since they lead an athletic life running free. 

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