Friday, December 22, 2006

Anastasia Getting Coal making lunch

My last great Visit with Cousin in following trips to Ukraine she lost her hearing. In 1999 when I first met her she was spry Milking Cow walking it to Pasture 3 times a day. She passed away summer 2006. She was set free of the her wore out body. It bothered me to see her struggle with simple chores but she was proud. She used bucket as cane.

It was not till later years in sunset of her life health declined she always had great spirit about her, she loved me & I loved very much. She passed away summer of 2006 from Asthma after being very ill for 6 months.

Last experience I had with Anastasia was an Old World Ukraine Village Funeral. Something that again changed me, it was a moving experience that I cant compare to the west at any level.

All I can say it gave me a feeling for great love of family, that cares for passed away loved one preparing body washing & dressing the loved one. Setting it on display in her Home. It was a sense of the order of things like what god intended. Not the cold business of death we have in west

Anastasia changed my life meeting her, she was first Relative from Ukraine I had contact with. Thru her I met rest of family. I now live in Bystiv leaving American consumer driven life behind for simpler quieter & happier life of Living in Old world Ukraine Village

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