Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ukraine Trip 1999 Kiev LVIV Bystiv 1 hr 30 min Disc 1

The Opening scene is in Svetlana home in Kiev, her mother is cooking. It first time in Ukraine Home I been in Ukraine for less than 2 hours. It all new & exciting begining of a grand Adventure. Culture shock. Loved it hated it loved it!!!

Ukraine First Trip 1999 Here it is my first Ukraine Old world Experience. It is a Journey of discovery. The story is one that change my life in so many ways. I own a home in Ukraine & now live there you cant get much bigger change then leaving your birth country to your ancestral home It all started off meeting Russian woman in Washington DC that was Traveling we hung out a few hours together. . That inspired me to place a Classified ad in 1998 in Russian & Ukraine papers thru service in Canada. In 2 weeks I started receiving Hundreds of letters form all over the former USSR. At this time INTL dating was not in Vogue. Thru the 250+ letters I received I found one girl that was translator in Kiev. We will call her Sveta #1. |(Not to be confused with Sveta #2 or Alla OR Olya.........that another story in itself) Inspired by our communication my Dad found an address given to him 20 years ago by relative in Canada. Since then this relative passed away many years ago. |It was to relatives in Village his father came from in 1900. So my Ukraine Girlfriend Sveta#1 in fall of 1998 did some research & got post code then sent a letter to the address not knowing if it would be answered . About 2 weeks later Sveta heard back from Anastasia she Translated & forward letter to me. Made plans in coming months to Visit Ukraine I flew into Kiev met Sveta then a week later headed to LVIV. Then took Electricka to Mostiska II station from there we hired a Taxi that came out form Mostiska. Without language skills and sufficient experience in Ukraine it seems almost unthinkable for foreigners to go traveling by themselves—something that would be perfectly normal across most of Europe. The Soviet infrastructure is just too baffling, the culture too unlike the West. Foreign tourists need some sort of buffer to have a good (and safe) experience in Ukraine. Unless you have Ukrainian friends who take you around everywhere, you will need tour leaders and organizers who speak your language and take care of your day-to-day needs. If you have Relatives form Ukraine or want to take a trip there let me know I can help you with arrangement

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