Monday, December 18, 2006

Ukraine Train RIde Kelminitsky to LVIV

A winter train ride the video starts on the way from Kelminitksy to LVIV it a grey winter day. about -8 outside. For the most part it is just outside LVIV I start filming. I have Traveled all over Ukraine on both Plane & Train.

In right condition with girlfriend trains are a pleasant way to go. 12-19 hours are most over night routes. The cars are sleeper but I buy out compartment for privacy. It is to small of room to be locked in with strangers. By right conditions I mean heated or not been in Below zero weather on trains with no heat or they had heaters so hot had to strip down yes in winter is Extreme either too little or too much heat it seems. I wont cover the short track segments that bump along with a ryhtym of there own. It not the mile high club but can say I had some memorable times on trian in Ukraine with girlfriends.

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