Sunday, December 17, 2006

Ukraine - Bystiv Village Store & Bar

 Walking to Village Bar & Store on Sunday afternoon with my friends Mykolia & Vasily, it is a day for church in afternoon men enjoy companionship a walk to Village Store that sells Vodka & cold Draft Beer (Pivo). Hang out on a hot summer afternoon. Ukrainians drink for companionship. The view of store is interesting as well as store girl Marusa very cute & puts up with all the men. I am accepted by the Villagers not as an outsider. Perhaps since it is my Ancestral home Relatives still live there & Belozer (Bilozir) have been there for Centuries & a way I belong there.. I do own home in Bystiv too some of the friends I have worked for me on renovation. Overall people in Ukraine are friendly once you break the ice.

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