Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ukraine Trip 1999 LVIV Odessa Yalta 1 hr 50 min Disc 2

The Footage is Raw unedited as it happens

My First Ukraine trip with Sveta#1 & Yes I had more then 1 Sveta over years that why there are numbered! We Travel from LVIV to Odessa to Simperopil to Yalta It Starts off with Train ride from Shegynin to LVIV. We Just left Mostiska II station after visiting my Relatives in Bystiv for first time. Just let it play will get to LVIV & show some life there Architecture then onto Odessa then Yalta a Boat Tour with Visit to 2 castles swallows nest then the Crimean Mountains a tram ride from the sea top of mountain Then a Ice cave used by ancient people to store meat for summer back to Kiev for Museum tour

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