Sunday, December 17, 2006

Lviv Lvov Ukraine Downtown Winter 2005

 LVIV has become a Cosmopolitan European City you can buy most any consumer type goods there. I shop in LVIV when I need to it is 2.5 hours by train from shegynin or 85 KM. I like LVIV for shopping only &  High Speed Internet.  I shop METRO a German owned version of Costco / Sams Club that just opened recently. I buy Hamburger, Chicken & Cheese. You cant get ground beef in Mostiska or Chicken Cheese is expensive in Mostiska.  Other then that there nothing there for me. I prefer slow quiet village pace of life. 

With Groceries in Backpack it is another 2.5 hours evening train ride to Shegynin departing LVIV at 5:30 pm. Then  a 1 hour walk to my house in Bystiv with back pack loaded  of meat & cheese. So that is a 6 hour day of travel to run for Groceries.
Once you get settled into this pace of life it is easy at first is can be Culture shock

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