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Picking a Ukraine Village Wife

Picking a Ukraine Village Wife & her family for the Peak Oil Age.

Village girls are the best but still need to pick them

For starters you want a nice looking woman that will compliment your Gene Pool

Your not looking big husky girls they are hard to find anyway but more athletic since she will need to work in food production

The other Point to remember a small Ukraine village every one know everything. If you are unfaithful she will hear about it worst of all her family will.

Her family is an anchor point to your Survival they must love you too. Since you are communal in helping each other, it there knowledge that will ensure you & your wife & Children will eat when others wont

Far as you like the girl now see the family are they master of their Domain in food production. First you will notice a garden a bountiful garden is important alot Jars in the Pantry. From canning to Pickling. A good stock Potatoes they figure a 100KG per person per year.

If the family is really self-reliant they may have work horse, small food animals Turkeys chickens ducks Rabbit. Even bees for honey & wax.

You will be set with no Oil Horse to Plow garden haul loads & transport excessive to market to trade for goods

Of Course a Pig for winter meat supply

This is a complete sustainable living All the Animal food is grown in Village as well

Before you fall in love with girl be sure she a worker not a princess they will be useless later on. I mean does she plant & hoe Harvest Potatoes, feed animals Butcher animals for cooking.

Her father being strong Alpha type male a leader is good. You may be strong Alpha yourself, father would not like you otherwise, but can work together easily since he is you father in-law. It for the Family. It being smart thinking about survival not all the brawn you may think.

The tables are turned as it where from your Future wife family viewpoint, Will be do you have enough smarts & resources to take care of her & raise a family. In short term this applies to life but in post petrol age all her family skills at razing food year after year will be value greater then any wealth that can be measured.

There two words I hate when refereeing to Ukraine villagers the first 1 is Peasant it been around a long time. They are all just people that live closer to earth then a western.

Poverty Invented my the west access value & quality of life to a dollar. If you are eating not Hungary you are not living in Poverty is my Standards for this. The family I described above is food wealthy not a lot of cash but great food sources. Will be eating well when Americans are starving no food in Supermarkets. American way of life is fragile you loose the Bountiful supply of oil food will sky rocket is available then later money will have no value of food to trade will be currency

English-Ukrainian Shopping Grocery List
Grocery List to Stock Household
· Sausage: Ковбаса:
· Stick Sausage Палиця ковбаси
· Rope Sausage Мисливські ковбаски
· Hot Dog Сосиски
· Grill Sausage Грилеві ковбаски
· Raw Sausage Сирі ковбаски
· Meat: М’ясо:
· Ground Beef Мелена телятина
· Ground Pork Мелена свинина
· Pork (shashlik) Свиня (шашлик)
· Beef (steak) / (Roast) Телятина смажена
· Chicken Курка
· Fish Риба
· Bacon Бочок свинячий
· Ham Шинка
· Staples: Продукти:
· Flour Мука
· Sugar Цукор
· Oil Олія
· Butter Масло
· Bread Хліб
· Dried Goods: Сухі продукти:
· Spaghetti Спагеті
· Macaroni Макарони
· Egg Noodles Яєчна лапша
· Beans Фасоля
· Nuts Горіхи
· Coffee Кава
· Tea Чай
· Bullion Мівіна (бульйон)
· Spreads & Syrups: Джеми і сиропи:
· Strawberry Jam Клубнічний джем
· Hazelnut Spread Масло горіхове
· Syrup Сироп
· Baking Goods: Продукти для випікання:
· Baking Soda Сода
· Baking Powder Порошок для печива
· Corn Starch Кукурудзяний крохмаль
· Corn Meal Кукурудзяне борошно
· Yeast Дріжджі
· Nuts Горіхи
· Raisins Ізюм
· Dates
· Cinnamon Кориця
· Cocoa Powder Какао порошок
· Drinks: Напитки:
· Coke Кока-кола
· Sprite Спрайт
· Icy cola
· Monk Water Мінеральна вода
· Vodka Горілка
· Beer Пиво
· Dairy & eggs: Молочні продукти і яйця:
· Cheese Сир
· Milk (bystiv) Молоко (Буців)
· Sour Cream (bystiv) Сметана (Буців)
· Eggs (Bystiv) Яйця (Буців)
· Canned goods Pickle: Закрутки:
· Pickles (bystiv) Огірки (Буців)
· Tomatoes (bystiv) Помідори (Буців)
· Peppers (bystiv) Перець (Буців)
· Beets (bystiv) Буряки (Буців)
· Olives Оливки
· Tomato Paste Томатна паста
· Vegetables: Овочі:
· Cabbage Капуста
· Peppers Перець
· Chili’s Паприка Чілі
· Tomatoes Помідори
· Cucumber Огірки
· Mushrooms Гриби
· Potato Картопля
· Peas (frozen) Горошок (морожений)
· Cauliflower Цвітна капуста
· Carrots Морква
· Broccoli Броколі
· Leaf Lettuce (garden) Салат (город)
· Corn Кукурудза
· Garlic Часник
· Onions Цибуля
· Green Onions Зелена цибуля
· Horse Radish Хрін
· Radish Редиска
· Turnip Ріпка
· Beet Буряки
· Spices: Приправи:
· Petrushka Петрушка
· Dill Кріп
· Salt Сіль
· Pepper Перець
· Condiments: Приправи:
· Ketchup Кетчуп
· Mustard Гірчиця
· Mayonnaise Майонез
· Horse Radish Хрін
· Relish Приправа
· Utility Products: Необхідне для кухні:
· Plastic wrap Клейонка для обгортання їжі
· Small plastic food bag Мішечки для їжі
· Foil Фольга
· Paper Towels Папір для витирання рук
· 60 Liter Garbage bags Смітникові мішечки (60 л.)
· Toilet Paper Туалетний папір
· Gala Dish Liquid Рідина для миття посуду (Gala)
· Laundry Detergent Пральний порошок
· Bleach Відбілювач
· Metal Toughy (Scrub Pots) Металева шкрабачка для посуду
· Scotch bright (dish scrubber) Щітка для миття посуду
· Sponge Губка
· Dish Towel Рушники для посуду

Bystiv Food Sources

The list of Foods Below are Grown or produced in Bystiv

The Animals Food is also Grown here in Bystiv

it is a fully self contained system of food production a Village ecosystem


Sour Cream
Cottage Cheese


Raw Honey
Honey Combs


Cucumber (Pickles)
Cabbage (kraut
Green Peppers
Red Peppers
Egg Plant
Navy Beans
Sting Beans
Horse Radish
Corn (meal)
Water Melon
Honey Dew Melon
Whaet (Flour)
Sugar Beets




Fish (Nearby Lake)

Animal Food:

Sugar Beets




Wild Mushrooms Dryed

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I thought things would have changed but guess not--i just wonder if women pick the men like you pick the women? If so --great! Dont worry about us US people we are more resilent than you think--it may be more expensive here but there are people who do things the old world way here tooo! We wont die off that easily! the prussian/bulgarian in the USA--ArmyVet-Irina Pivtchev